Karate for children

Children training is designed to make the exercise fun. Training is complemented by various games that support dexterity. Exercise is also extended by some gymnastic elements.

Warm up

There are a lot of ball games played during the warm-up, to practice e.g. not to be afraid of the ball, to catch it, to avoid it and to gain the necessary dexterity and overview of the situation. Those who cannot climb will learn it during our warm-ups, as well as orientation and do somersaults or other gymnastic elements on various monkey tracks.

First year in HPZ karate

In the first year of the exercise, children usually gain knowledge of karate, learn basic techniques and katas, successfully pass the tests on white or even yellow belt, or look at a smaller competition.

But they gain a very valuable experience and that is to open a new horizont of activities and opportunities that karate will bring them in the future. In addition, they find that their body allows them to perform movements that they had never knew about. Then comes diligence and improvement. Last but not least, children will recognize an authority they have not yet been accustomed to, and in a year of exercise they will become more respectful to themselves and their surroundings in a non-violent form, mere by exercise and consistent adherence to the rules.

Help to parents

HPZ Karate has an advantage in logistics for parents of a pupil at the Hornoměcholupská elementary school. The trainings are organized to help parents pick up the child from their after-school club. This gives parents time for their affairs and moving out of work without having to look for a babysitting or ask the manager about the possibility of early leaving, which has to be replaced later. It will be practiced twice (2x) a week for 1 hour. The advanced will have a special lesson, competitors section A, for their exercise.


Beginners' training is deliberately directed to earlier times so that children can still do their homework and prepare for school within a reasonable time. HPZ karate believes that by doing this, parents will resolve organizational issues two days a week.

All you have to do now is to fill in the application form and send it to info@hpz-karate.cz, or to come to the Hornoměcholupská Elementary School for an interest activities exchange.


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