This chapter is intended not only for karate practitioners, but also for specific groups where the knowledge and experience of HPZ karate is used for different requirements.

Seminars in which HPZ karate participates, or plans to attend, or organize itself, are related to karate, under the control of Japanese masters. Especially the Masters of Kanazawa (younger), Miura and Murakami. Other seminars, which aim not only to straighten traditional karate to its original tracks, but also education in the fields of health science, anatomy, first aid, as well as orientation in the field, and the Japanese itself, will promise that HPZ karate will continue to generate quality, prepared and educated exercisers.

The seminars planned by HPZ Karate are not necessarily related only to their practitioners, but are publicly available. In cooperation with the Prague 15 City District they are, or will be, available free of charge or for a minimum fee. Such seminars are intended especially for weakened target groups, such as seniors, mothers at maternity and of course and always - children.

The low price or zero price for such socio-sporting events may seem incredible. However, HPZ karate has no ambition to earn money on its target groups. Her coach decided to serve karate and therefore takes such services to the public for granted. In the case of a first aid seminar, under the guidance of knowledgeable doctors, where everyone will be able to practically try resuscitation on ideal aids, HPZ Karate will pass on as many informed as the number of visitors to the seminar to other life situations. That is, as much informed as will be able to save a single human life ever since. No remuneration can be claimed for this. And that's the reward for HPZ karate.

Seminars tend to focus on self-defense, but in a humorous and exemplary form rather than active training. But it is also possible, but it is voluntary. In the end, it is possible to make a lot of Saturday afternoons and talk to friends in the neighborhood meetings. HPZ Karate does all this without any political or personally beneficial ambitions.

Kde trénujeme

Každé pondělí a středu
Oddíl C (začátečníci): 16:00 - 17:00
Oddíl B (pokročilí): 17:00 - 18:00
Oddíl A (závodníci): 18:00 - 19:00