HPZ karate believes that every practitioner who has undergone demanding technical, mental and physical training and who intends to yield his efforts in the form of technical examinations, expects transparency of the process. HPZ karate Trainer informs each trainee separately about their progress, progress and individually discusses the conditions to be met in order to advance to a higher level. This can be not only the improvement of a particular technique, higher effort, but also overall fitness and mental readiness.

HPZ karate and quality karatists

HPZ karate strives not only for quality karate members but especially good people, and therefore those who are adequately prepared will be recommended for the higher STV exam. This will require the fulfillment of technical, physical and mental conditions. The higher the excerciser gets, the more demanding requirements are placed on him. In the vast majority, problem individuals do not advance to the higher categories, because the very nature of demanding exercises and requirements is contraindicated with problem nature. Therefore, HPZ karate still believes that martial arts masters are not bad people.

Who can make it

For each technical level, the SKIF Examination Regulations lists requirements that the trainee must know. The tests rule describes kata exercises, kicks, punches, cover techniques (kihon), as well as the form of secured combat (yakusoku kumite), and to a higher degree free combat (kumite).

The award of a higher technical degree is not subject to any education, achievements at school, nor any indication of behavior does not affect this fact. However, in reaching higher technical grades, it is reasonable to expect that any disciplinary problems will gradually be eliminated, as the Karate-do philosophy itself comes into play together with these grades.

Pillars of values

There is a strict ranking of values, consisting of empathy, open heart, the power of spirit, respect for traditions, friendship and gaining respect and respect for life values, and the recognition of authorities (HPZ karate conviction).

I am going back to the very beginning. Karate is primarily a self-exercise. The coach can only point the way and help you find the door to the next "dimension of self". But you have to go through that door yourself. There is a long way from the first salute to the black belt, but believe it is worth going through.

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