In this section of the publication, we discuss everything that has to do with karate or martial arts in general. Thematically, everything related to HPZ activities is included, it is in accordance with the activities of teaching, sport (karate and self-defense), education and development.

Here you can find basic phrases and their pronunciation from Japanese. Or the way of counting - did you know that if you can count Japanese to 10, you can practically do 100?

There are also books on Japan and Japanese, or on karate and related events and topics.

As with many other sites and websites, we will also have a feed for various terms that are commonly used in gyms. HPZ plans to add something to it, you will surely be informed.

Access to this site is subject to a fee. It is rather a symbolic annual fee, which will ensure the creation of additional papers and information that you will be able to use for papers at school or just for interest and lessons. The fee is EUR 50 / year and you will be granted access after your payment has been credited to your account. You can order via email or contact form


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