Plan and objective

The goals of everyone are solely an individual matter and HPZ karate fully respects that. The trainers' experience here only offers the possibility of achieving higher technical achievement goals.
However, this objective is very relative (variable and, as has already been said, individual). To get an idea, you can play a short clip under the image. Akio will introduce it to you.

The main part of such a goal is influenced by (among other things) the technical readiness of the trainee and his ability to know the technique in an excellent way for a given technical degree. Furthermore, his physics fitness, ability to pass on his knowledge to lower levels, orientation and knowledge of individual techniques and kata. Last but not least, the compulsory age category also plays a role (the best karate can not reach the 1st DAN in HPZ karate before the age of 18).

Other conditions

Other conditions are clearly laid down in the test rules, such as knowledge of the required kata enumeration before applying for the next technical stage. HPZ karate further extends this condition with a practical concept of self-defense. And in relation to the technical level not only in the concept of controlled kumite, but the real situation.


HPZ Karate presents an ideal timeline for passing (including meeting the test conditions) from the 9th Kyu to the DAN category.

Even Master Gicin Funakoshi himself practiced and trained after many nights, days, months and years before his master told him that his kata was all right. Even so, he practiced farther than this feedback repeated several times in a row before proceeding to apply for another kata.

However examinations are made by the examining and supervising examiner, believe that karate must be in your heart. A good and experienced examiner, who is a fighter himself, recognizes a good fighter. And he recognize it well from your behavior and your movements. You can't fool it with a theater…

HPZ karate wishes you good luck in passing the STV exams…



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